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Car Decoration Stickers

Order Decoration stickers for your car at Stickermaster

Is your car a bit boring and gloomy? Maybe you have a considerable scratch in the paint. You can do something about this with the Stickermaster Decoration car stickers. With lots of colorful and cheerful designs with different dimensions, there is a suitable design for every car enthusiast. If, despite the many options, you still cannot find a design that meets your wishes, please let us know. In consultation with you, we can make a fully customized sticker for you. If you would like to convert your own design into a car sticker, please contact us. We can make a high-quality sticker from almost all designs.

Applying the car stickers is very simple and surprisingly easy due to the special car film that we use. This has small air ducts so that the sticker can be applied without bubbles and folds. Even if the car sticker is skewed you can easily reposition it. The adhesive layer under the foil is in fact slowly adhering. This makes it possible to reposition the sticker several times. Once you have placed the sticker in the desired position, it will be attached after a few hours. If at any given moment you want to remove the car stickers from your car, this is no problem. Despite the strong adhesion, the car stickers leave little or no adhesive residue. You must, however, heat the foil sufficiently during removal. This ensures that the sticker comes off more easily and the glue does not remain on the paint. It is of course possible to have Stickermaster apply or remove your stickers. This is possible in our workshop or on location. Please contact us for this.

High quality durable car stickers

Each car sticker is printed in full color and cut from a high-quality vinyl. Of course all car stickers are UV and waterproof and you can still go through the car wash with your car. This high quality is partly due to the laminating layer that we apply to all car stickers. This laminating layer is a transparent foil that is applied over the sticker. This protects the sticker from damage and the elements. As a result, all our car stickers have a very long service life and the colors remain beautiful for a long time.