Because the United Kingdom will no longer be a part of Europe, we are forced to stop this website as of 31-12.

Who are we?

Stickermaster is a full service advertising agency specialized in advertising and based in Harderwijk, The Netherlands. We bring the visibility of your company to a higher level. As an entrepreneur you want to exude quality and that is exactly what we realize for you. Sleek design, high-quality material and a professional execution therefore go hand in hand with us. Welcome to the sticker masters of the Netherlands.

What are we doing?

We make stickers. With this sentence, we are actually a little too short. Stickers are very diverse, and so are we. From advertising signs to full color car wrapping, everything tailor-made and designed based on what you need.

How do we do that?

By looking critically and with good communication and cooperation, we achieve the best result for everyone. Everything starts with your ideas and wishes, we offer a fresh perspective and where necessary improvement (critical look). At Stickermaster we go for full satisfaction with you and our side, do you think differently than we do? Then we would like to hear that (good communication). This way we come together to a wonderful result (cooperation).


Private or independent entrepreneur, everyone can contact us for small and large projects. We are always enthusiastic and if we do something, we are doing well.

Wil van de Velden


Huub Huigsloot


Rob Luyx


Stephanie Noordberger


Tom Boerman


Berry Zwart


Detlev Langras


Morris Schuurman


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Nelleke Weeda-de Jong


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