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Create Stickers

Design and create your own stickers

Do you want to make your own design come to life? At Stickermaster it is super easy with our Sticker Design Module. We have software in which you can make your own designs and create what you want! 

We offer 2 kind of stickers, the first one is a full color sticker and the second is cut out of colered vinyl. Full color stickers are printed with multiple colors that flow over into each other. These kind of stickers are printed on high quality foil. Vinyl is made out of 1 color and to get the sticker you want we cut out the shape of te sticker to create if for you.

We've got all kind of templates for you, so all you have to do is create your design. We will make sure the design will fit perfectly on your item. We offer templates for Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, game controllers and many more.