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    Abstract Paint Art Laptop Sticker Skin

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    When you own a laptop for a period of time you'll notice that the backside of the laptop is worn and quite boring to look at. Is the backside of your laptop ready for a brand new look with the Abstract Paint Art Laptop Sticker Skin?

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    Turn your old boring laptop into new and hip-looking with the Stickermaster laptop skins. All designs are in our possession so you can use our images gallery free of charge. The laptopskins are available in 4 different sizes.


    • 10 inches
    • 13.3 inches
    • 15 inches
    • 17 inches

    No laptop is exactly the same. Although the stickers are easy to cut or trim, it is possible that you still want to order your own specific size. In that case, please contact us.

    Applying the laptop stickers is very simple and easy. Because of the special foil we use to make our laptop skins anyone can apply his or her laptop skin. This foil contains small air channels through which bubbles and folds can easily be rubbed away from the sticker. even if you put the laptop sticker in a slant, this can easily be remedied. Due to the slow adhesive layer you can reposition the sticker several times if necessary. Once you have applied the sticker in the desired way, it is attached to your laptop within a few hours. The sticker will then remain firmly attached for a long time. Make sure that the surface where you want to apply the sticker is dry and clean, so no dust and grease stains. If after a while you decide that you want to remove the laptop sticker, this is not a problem. Despite the firm adhesion of our laptop stickers, they will not leave glue residue behind when removed. This way, your laptop will look the same as before you put the laptop sticker on.

    Durable laptop stickers of high quality

    Each laptop skin is printed in full color on a durable, high-quality film. Then it is cut clean and delivered per sheet. At Stickermaster we stand behind our products and therefore we apply a high-quality transparent laminate on all laptop stickers. This is a transparent foil that is applied over the sticker. This guarantees a long service life of the sticker. The laminate protects the laptop sticker against scratches and wear. The colors of your laptop skin will also remain beautiful for a long time.

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