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Security Stickers

Alarm Stickers and Security Stickers that do work!

The security and camera stickers also known as security camera stickers are specially made for your home, car, company or motorcycle. Secure your home or company with these security stickers! Even cars can be secured with our car alarm stickers, burglars won't try to break in to your car when you have an alarm sticker on your car window. 

Why security stickers?

Our security stickers can be applied on the inside or outside of the car window, you can even apply it on a wooden door or window frame. These stickers are usable for your entire house or company. You give the first warning when the burglar sees the security sticker. 

Buy your security sticker at Stickermaster

Be prepared and apply the security sticker on every window for a perfect burglary prevention. We offer all kind of sizes, small, medium and large. Is your home secured but you haven't indicated it yet? What are you waiting for, even company's have burglary trouble. Every stickers is full color printed and provided with a scratch resistant layer.